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Maintenance is important for your company and client digital experience. There are always new challenges and changes with technology, and it is important your buisness is prepared.


We’ve put together some maintenance packages that cover important issues and helps you keep your site updated at a discounted rate, with ‘priority’ updates. The plans offered are:

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Web Maintenance plans are charged via monthly subscription at your request.  NO contract required however please email info@mcnealystudios.com two weeks before billing on the first to cancel.


Per month Web Maintenance Standard


Per month web maintenance pro plan


Per month Web Maintenance Pro 2 plan

Frequently asked questions

WordPress is currently the most common database driven websites, and is also known as a ‘content management site’, because the user can easily update the content without knowing any coding.

The competition out there is fierce – everyone has a website now, so websites can’t simply ‘exist’, they need to be ‘cultivated’. A good website should continue to grow. With growth comes nurturing.


A lot of us may not have the time to update our website, and therefore we assume that because we haven’t touched the site, it will stay the same and always work, but unfortunately that is not the case nowadays. A WordPress site will need security updates. Coding may become outdated. Hosting platforms may update their version of PHP which can conflict with older coding on a site. Web browsers may not recognize certain CSS styles any more because they’re deprecated. There’s many things that can stop a site or a feature from working, even though you think nothing has changed on your site.

In order to keep your website working in peak condition, ongoing maintenance must be performed. Just like a car needs an oil change and regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly, websites need to be updated and checked, to ensure it’s not going to break down and leave you stranded on the side of the road.

WordPress is the most widely used content management platform out there today. Because of it’s popularity, it is the most targeted by malicious hackers. WordPress developers are excellent with keeping up with potential vulnerabilities, and send out patches with security updates quite regularly. This is great, but it’s also important when this happens to test sites and make sure everything is still running properly. Sometimes an update can conflict with a 3rd party plugin and cause a feature to stop working. This is all fixable if caught, but it’s something that needs to be monitored and scanned regularly for vulnerabilities.

Keeping your site secure is one of the most important things you can do for your site, and your visitors. One of the ways to ensure a safe site, is to always keep any themes and all plugins updated to the latest version.

Turnaround times will vary from plan to plan.  See plan for details.

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