Our expert development team works on the cutting edge of technology and best practices

Through our Web Development Services, All Covered can create a unique web experience to suit your organization’s specific needs. Our team of web development experts strategies, defines and plans your website objectives based on an in-depth understanding of your business. We conduct research on your industry, audiences, goals, strengths and weaknesses to map out your online presence.  We then use these insights to design, develop and deploy the best web solution for your organization.  We make websites built for performance.Our methodology is proven for each industry we serve.  We provide a dedicated team of specialized experts.

What’s the Difference Between a Website and a Web App?

A website is a type of web application. It’s just a very simple application. Most websites are simple, information presentation tools – like an online brochure. A web application is a website that does something more. Web apps come in all shapes and sizes. Small web apps allow users to submit comments, or ask questions in a forum. Large web apps can give users access to their billing information, handle complicated workflows, or allow the user to interact with media rich systems.  Every web application we build follows our design philosophy.

User Experience First – Every application we design starts off as a set of wireframes, built by our UX experts. We design our applications to be as simple and as intuitive to use as possible.

We take security seriously – Hackers are everywhere these days, including here at Sourcetoad. Our engineers will security test everything we do to make sure that your application is safe and secure when released into the wild.

Reusability and extensibility – We write code in a modular fashion. This allows your project to be expanded easily, maintained efficiently, and reused when you need it.

Backends you can use – We know that no one has the time to mess around with buggy interfaces, unintuitive menus, or obscure commands and controls. We build our administrative tools with you in mind. If your application is going to control a mobile app, you should be able to change as much of the content as you can, through an easy to use interface.

Word Press Platform?

WordPress is, hands-down, the leading Content Management System. No other platform comes close. It is easy to use, extremely flexible and can handle tons of traffic. We’re so confident in WP, we’ve put it at the heart of Designer Sites and most of the sites we build. You have the ability to publish as many pages & menus you may need.  Works on mobile, tablet and desktop. More users access the internet with smart phones and tablets than laptops or desktop computers. “Mobile First” responsive web design ensures your website works on every device – no matter the screen resolution.

The Gravity Forms contact form builder is one of the most powerful tools in our toolbox in Word Press. You automatically receive a Contact form and Newsletter signup form. Upgrade to Quote Requests, Quizzes and even eCommerce. All Designer Sites subscribers receive access to our Developer License and any of the Add-Ons. This includes integration with services like Mailchimp, PayPal, Emma and dozens more.

How Web Design, Development, and Marketing Strategy will help your organization

Starting a business can be exciting!  Most business owners often take on the task of design, development, and marketing strategy on their own.  Note, we are not knocking the effort and enthusiasm however we like to make a point.   The point is going down that road will help your business only for a short time.  Sure do some people get lucky and produce something magical, yes but not many.

The moral of the story is you should hire a professional at the inception of creating your business.  Why? You can avoid the pitfalls of spending were you shouldn’t spend.  Also,  true professional will give you advice instead of taking your money to the bank.   Professionals give advice about approach, target audience, budget, marketing strategy, trends, and other meaning tips to help you business.  At 4Horse Media we build your website with a marketing strategy in mind. It helps to build SEO friendly websites.  Google loves this stuff and so do we!

A good marketing strategy gives information on your website a chance to be seen by your preferred readers.  Call to actions are important in that they ask the user to act on impulse, to call your office to seek information about your products and services.

You only get one chance to make a first impression

If your website is awkward, unprofessional or confusing, that’s the impression visitors will have of your business.  Good design gives any website a stronger chance of success.   As with a first impression meeting someone, over time you can correct and replace that impression but why start out five paces behind?  Especially when your website is probably one of the easiest things to control, and with affordable professional design services available.   We offer packages that can fit any budget.  Don’t underestimate your user and their subconscious perception of your website  and how the user experience on your website will affect their buying decision.

You’ve heard the saying, If you Fail to Plan, you Plan to Fail

Putting together your website takes planning, good communication and a well-thought internet marketing strategy after completion.   First determine the objective of your website, your target audience, your branding and logo and how to compliment each in the design.  Are your layout, content and images promoting users to learn more, make that initial order or contact your company directly?  Is your design appealing without distracting from your products/services?  Does the design, logo and theme of your website’s design successfully flow into a cohesive, memorable brand?  It must be considered to execute an effective brand strategy?

Benefits of Great Design
  1.  Decreased bounce rate:  users will stay longer and have a higher click-through rate.
  2. Increased sales and prospects:  with an effective call to action in addition to great design, you will motivate the customer to your end-goal.
  3. Improved reputation & branding:  make a good first impression that will encourage trust and credibility for your company.
  4. Increased visibility:  with keyword-rich content and clean, professional design your page ranking on the search engines will climb, and users are more likely to share (post, tweet and pin) your website’s link with their friends.
Case Study

Recently, studies have begun to show that aesthetic qualities such as color, graphics, and the layout of a Web site can play an important role in improving consumer shopping experiences.  From a theoretical perspective, our findings not only establish consumer shopping value as a key business value of Web site aesthetics but also enrich the current knowledge on the contingent effect of Web site aesthetics for utilitarian and hedonic products. From a practical perspective, the findings provide guidance for online vendors to provide their customers with better service in the form of properly designed aesthetic Web sites.

When accessing a site for the first time, the first response is likely to be an emotional one. The appeal of the interface, in terms of graphic design and layout, can directly affect the acceptability and usage of the system. Generally, the more a company is perceived to have invested in its web site, the less likely it is perceived to act opportunistically by betraying customers’ trust, as it would have more to lose than to gain.”