Creating forward-thinking brands that drive results with sincere, compelling, creative messages – designed to build brand presence, and awareness.


We specialize in brand development, marketing, web design, social media, and mobile development. From medical, to restaurant, to fashion industries, we have experience creating and influencing brands of all shapes and sizes. No matter the project we think beyond the norm to create a fresh perspective with strategic and creative campaigns. Make the ordinary extraordinary. We go beyond the brochure to hammer out every design detail. Add something rare and well done to your company’s brand assets.

Why is design important to your business? 

There are research studies showing that companies that value good design has an increased chance to be more successful and also, those companies that incorporate design usefully within their organizations increase the demands for their services and for their product..

Case Study

For a quick review of how good design reflects the bottom line please click on the learn more button.  You will find examples of logo design from different designers around the world.  Create “Good Design” for your business.

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Our Fantastic Team

We help our clients build solutions that matter.

Derrick McNealy


Office: 813.863.3742

Oscar Mccauley

Chief Marketing Officer

Office: 813.446.3914

Michael St.James

Chief Creative Officer

Office: 813.992.6334

What our clients say

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new, full-fledged website! The website was designed with YOU in mind; clear and easy to navigate. Special thanks to 4HorseMedia who partnered with us on this project. We are here to help!``- Sandrea Flowers President/CEO
I commissioned 4HorseMedia to create my company logo for my company and I was extremely impressed and would recommend them in a heartbeat! Super friendly, super fast and knew exactly what I Needed!`` - Tampa Bay Local Haunts, Susan Richards - Owner
4HorseMedia has consistently provided excellent graphic, logo, and branding support for my new venture. Fresh, new, and vibrant designs and ideas set my product head and shoulders above my competitors.- Michael St. James, MyMedicTag.com - CEO

Why you should work with us

Don’t work with us based on price only, work with us because we take our time to provide value to your enterprise. What we do is important therefore formulating the right solutions for successful outcomes is important. Schedule your appointment with a consultant today.
Our Mission

Our mission is to design inspirational products that evoke a visual and emotional response to create a brand narrative.  To leverage our talent to create distinctive and unifying platforms that bring strategic clarity.  To practice the art of the human element in all departments of our company and how important respect for clients and employees is key to our success.

Our Vision

Our objective is to provide inspiration to our clients.  Engage our talented staff to continue  excellent customer service and continued education in our field. The benefits of these core values will reflect in client work, moral, and provide a healthy source of revenue so we can continue to provide our clients with best practices to in turn help increase their bottom line.

Our Philosophy

Good work is hard to fine. Some even quote good work is to expensive. Our philosophy is we create excellent products and services that provide results for our clients.  We do not negotiate mainly on price more on value. We believe if 4HorseMedia provides great value price will take care of itself.  With anything in business or in life you get what you pay for.

Impressed? We’d love to work with you!

Looking for an In-House Design team to help you maintain your brand assets, look no further. Hire 4HorseMedia to help your company with its design and web needs. Contact our office to speak with our Business Development Consultant.