Jun 13

212Bikes-Logo Design

            212Bike Brand Design - Logo Design (Industry:Retail - Bike Shop) Minimalist Design (designed with Illustrator)  Vector - Ready for printing - print version is a cut-out to reflect garment colors). We decided on a simple approach with red and yellow as the logo main... read more →
Apr 29
Apr 02
Mar 27
Dec 05

Maintenance Contracts

Just an overview about Maintenance contracts with 4horse Media, LLC.  Maintenance contracts are important as much as the insurance you pay on your vehicle.  If you website is hacked or you require major updates a maintenance plan is worth having.  Maintenance contracts are preventative measures to make sure your website... read more →
Jul 18

Why printed business cards matter?

The digital world can be overwhelming when making decisions about marketing for your small business.  Functional print mediums are still good options for getting the word out.  Think of print like bread crumbs!  You always find were the bread crumbs lead.
Jul 18

Design + Functional

What is your competitive edge? How is your company brand viewed by the public? Do you have a great product, but can't seem to increase market share in a competitive market? Does design matter in your business?
Mar 20


Powering over 78% websites, PHP is the most widespread open source programming language which lets PHP developers build robust and dynamic websites. As per Built With statistics, there are 44,391,657 live websites that are using PHP and almost 20% of those websites are built on WordPress CMS. Our PHP web... read more →
Mar 20


You should never have to choose between elegance and functionality; we can get you both with the latest iOS technologies for your iPhone or iPad apps. We are the best iOS app development service providers in Austin. With extensive experience in iOS app development, we create apps that amaze and fascinate... read more →
Jan 03

Why your advertising may not work?

ROI is the key measure of success for any successful marketing campaign.  It may sound cliche, but if you take a honest look at your campaign (if not successful) you might find a combination of factors as to why.  You can blame it on the creative team or plain disinterest.... read more →