8 Benefits of Having a Professional Website Design

Website design isn’t something you should take lightly. It doesn’t matter how small or large your business is, every company in Deerfield needs a professional website. This is an investment you must make. One of the biggest problems in internet marketing today is that small business owners don’t realize the importance of having a quality, professionally-built website. The functionality and appearance of your site can make or break you.

Here are 8 reasons why it’s worth having a professional design your website:

1. You get a site that is compatible with all of the latest mobile technologies.
Not every so-called “web design” firm or provider has the knowledge or skill set required to create a website that not only runs smoothly on computers, but on tablets and smart phones as well. A site should also be built for adaptability with new and upcoming devices. With a professional designer, your entire website will be future-proof as new ways to browse the internet emerge.

2. You can expect a better looking design.
The quality of the design itself depends on the level of professionalism of the provider. If you try to just a cheap, pre-made template, your site will look cheap. This is because most pre-made templates are basic with little to no options for improvement. A professionally design looks great AND offers flexibility and customization.

3. You will get a custom design.
Professional designers know how to make an impressive website that reflects your company’s specific needs and personality. You’ll get a website designed just for you. The template won’t ever be shared with any other company.

4. Fast-loading web pages.
With any website, there are going to be some plug-ins and third party tools used for one reason or another. If someone inexperienced tries to build your site, they might not integrate the plug-ins correctly. The way a site is coded affects the performance and speed as well. If a site runs slowly or suffers in performance, no visitors will want to stick around.

5. It will save you a lot of hassle.
You get what you pay for, and if you pay a cheap price for a website, don’t be surprised if there are problems with it. You’ll still end up paying more money anyway by having a professional designer fix the mistakes. The entire site may even need to be redone. If you hire the right provider to begin with, you can expect to have a hassle-free experience.

6. A quality website will help reinforce your brand.
The way for any business to achieve success on the internet is to establish a brand. In order to do this, you must have a great looking, custom website. It will give your customers the right message about the type of business you run and why they should trust you.

7. Increased visibility in search engine results.
It’s no secret that search engines – especially Google – LOVE unique content. A professional web design team will be able to create a search engine friendly website for you. They will be able to apply all of the essential elements that will help get your site indexed and ranked.

8. Any potential downtime will be minimized.
Poorly built websites have bugs and maintenance problems. What is something goes wrong with one of the plug-ins? What if there are any cross compatibility issues? Having a reliable web designer will prevent problems from occurring. Even if they do, a professional will be able to identify the problem and fix it quickly.

These are just some of the many reasons why you should only consider working with a professional, experienced web design team in Deerfield Beach, FL.

Maintenance Contracts

Just an overview about Maintenance contracts with 4horse Media, LLC.  Maintenance contracts are important as much as the insurance you pay on your vehicle.  If you website is hacked or you require major updates a maintenance plan is worth having.  Maintenance contracts are preventative measures to make sure your website is functional.  Too often small business owners go in alone and end up frustrated with the results.  It’s not a waist of money however it helps you avoid potential catostraphic  problems in the future.

Why printed business cards matter?

The digital world can be overwhelming when making decisions about marketing for your small business.  Functional print mediums are still good options for getting the word out.  Think of print like bread crumbs!  You always find were the bread crumbs lead.

Design + Functional

What is your competitive edge? How is your company brand viewed by the public? Do you have a great product, but can’t seem to increase market share in a competitive market? Does design matter in your business?


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Why your advertising may not work?

ROI is the key measure of success for any successful marketing campaign.  It may sound cliche, but if you take a honest look at your campaign (if not successful) you might find a combination of factors as to why.  You can blame it on the creative team or plain disinterest.

In short we look at such things as the culprit of having an unsuccessful marketing campaign. No matter how small or large the business one thing they all have in common is the customer (consumer).  Purchasing decisions hinge upon customer behavior.  Ask yourself as if it were you. Some customers make decisions based on word of mouth or something as simple as outside seating.  The moral of the story is that if your advertising is not working then you must seriously look within your organization.  What are customers saying about your business? Is there anything about my business I could change to accommodate customer buying habits and behaviors?


One common example:  Does my signage work? Most owners respond with all our customers know where we are!  In this scenario it’s understandable your business has a healthy existing client base.  What about customers who are unsure about your business.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to existing customers to ask questions about your business.  You never know how much feedback can help. The one thing that keeps your business running are the very customers who pass through your front door.


KOIN App Design & Development

We are officially developing the “KOIN” App for our new client.  We cannot disclose details of the mobile application, however our team is excited we have an opportunity to do work on the project.