Prototyping means different things to different people, but we generally define it as an application that looks very close to the intended final product. This includes a fully functional, designed application with navigation systems and minor functionality. Generally prototypes have no back end data (they don’t save anything, and aren’t integrated with third-party systems). However, you can play with it, touch it, and show it off to management for approval, potential customers for feedback, or investors to help them part with their capital.

Trends in UX Design (Discovery)

What are we currently doing? Yes, we are working on an Finanacial App Project – unfortunately we are unable to disclose the name at this time however, our staff is excited to working on the project. We want to inform you about how important the “Discovery Process” has been to our client and our company.  Our detailed discovery process gives our engineers the insight into your business needs to create a demoable product or set of wireframes. It’s a little bit like hiring an engineering department in a box. You can rely on 4horseMedia technical expertise to proof your concept and use us as an interim CTO while you work out exactly what you want to build.