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Social Media Marketing

Small Business Marketing create awareness, gain market share, stay relevant amongst your audience. Share your product or service to the world.

Web Development & Mobile

Shopify Developer, WordPress, Woo-Commerce, and Wix . App Discovery & Design, Domains, and Hosting. Perfex CRM Setup and integration.

Marketing & Advertising

Face Book Market Place Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Content Generation, Video Marketing, etc. Google Ads, Facebook Ads , and PPC.


Branding starts with taking the first step to build something great.

We are more than a website company in West Palm Beach.  Our experience digital and creative space provides our clients with measurable tools which promote their brands.   

Our marketing skills help show case your business and drive your company brand.  We operate and help our clients engage consumer segments  in the Atlanta, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, and West Palm Beach areas.  Contact us today for a free consultation. 

social Media And Web Services

Why Should your small business care about

Brand Development

Go far with advertising, digital marketing, web services, social media, copyright services, and seo services.
Tell your story.

It’s a long race when it comes to building brands people love.  Your product or service must go beyond the initial honey moon period with the consumers.  How do you intend to keep market share from your competitors and improve upon your hard work.  Are you prepared to build a brand that matters to your audience of potential consumers.  How do consumers see your brand?  Ask your self how do you see other brands that you frequent each day.  Example: Chick-fil-A.

Merchant Service Solutions

We centralize card payments, inventory and your business' finances.

McNealy Studios and “Unique Payment Technologies” have partnered to provide software and hardware to help you manage the complete state of your business whenever you want, wherever you want, and from any device with Internet access.

  • Payment Processing.
  • Accounting & Promotions
  • Inventory Management

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Atomic Habits

Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results by James Clear (Atomic Habits) – a staff read to remind us and our clients that consistency leads to success. Small changes that will make a difference in any email or marketing campaign. The idea here is to make sure you are consistently showcasing your brand to your audience. Consistently broadcasting your brand to the public pays off in the long run. Marketing takes time therefore being consistent with posting, blog writing, videos, or even updating your website is important. Creating brand content isn’t easy so being consistent with creating brand content surely can be overwhelming. This is why we discuss with our clients the importance of hiring a team to manage social media.

West Palm Beach – Web Design & Development

Web Design can be quite confusing at times. Client feedback suggests often times business owners don’t understand the pricing model for web developers and designers. Web Designers and Web Developer pricing can be quite different when you understand each title function. Web Designers deal with how the front end of your website will look. Web Developers solely deal with the back end of your website. Some individuals may possess both skills and can be really great at both. As for a standard pricing model to get the work completed you must follow the hourly method. Let’s assume it takes a designer 40hrs (a typical work week) to complete your website and the hourly rate of charge is $75. Multiply the hourly rate by the full hours of labor (40) then you get a sense of how much things cost. In this small test case your website will cost at least $3,000 to complete your branded website design.

The reality is web design and web development are time consuming. In todays world there are alternatives in regard to DIY (DO IT YOURSELF – WEB PLATFORMS). You will pay a subscription price lets say $14.99 or $50.00 per month for services. These are great options however if your running a successful business that requires all your time for other functions of the business, then how can one produce effective results when it comes to web design or web development. Keeping up with the competition, marketing, sales, back end, plug-ins, updates, security, etc. can be time consuming even after your website is published. Does your overall brand permeate across your company print and digital collateral? Is your website customer friendly and if so how do you measure user data? What about your overall local SEO plan? What about setting up the proper meta data in your header tag? What about indexing your website to Google or Bing? These are a few important aspects of web design and web development that are important to help with your website success.

Brand Development

Brand Development is not only a deep dive into a company’s digital assets; however, it is the analysis of your entire company. It begins with researching your competition and then comparing that research against your company.

How do you know if your existing brand is doing well? How do you know when a rebrand is necessary? How do you know if you have a competitive edge? How are customers responding to your website, logo, customer service, staff, etc.

Brand Development not only enhances your outward image it measures your brand against your competitors. Large and small companies rebrand their businesses to compete in the marketplace. You can either hire a consulting firm or procure an in-house solution.

At McNealy Studios, Co. we not only build creative stuff, but we mainly help with our client’s business.
Our staff has experience in the restaurant, health, and other industries. Companies are constantly faced with the challenge to find and keep customers. Answering the why as well as understanding how your brand is seen in the marketplace matters. Our “Brand Development” series starts March 5, 2022, on your You Tube Channel – McNealy Studios TV. Stop by and subscribe and like our videos and live sessions for comment.

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