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Your Google profile matters.  Get your business online and advertise your product or service. Start with an awesome Google Profile, then get great reviews from your customers. Advertise with us.  Call today 561.244.5439.  

Our Expertise

Social Media Marketing

Small Business Marketing create awareness, gain market share, stay relevant amongst your audience. Share your product or service to the world.

Web Development & Web Design

Shopify Developer, WordPress, Woo-Commerce, and Wix . App Discovery & Design, Domains, and Hosting. Perfex CRM Setup and integration.

Digital Marketing & Advertising

Facebook Market Place Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Content Generation, Video Marketing, etc. Google Ads, Facebook Ads , and PPC, Retargeting, and Remarketing Ads.


Branding starts with taking the first step to build something great.

West Palm Beach • Tampa • Orlando • Atlanta • Miami

We provide our clients with Digital Marketing, Web, and Business Services.  Over ten years of experience with digital marketing and web design provides our clients with measurable tools which promote their brands.   

Our marketing skills help show case your business and drive your company brand.  We collaborate with our clients to identify KPI, which help engage consumer segments to increase market share and drive sales.  Contact us today for a free consultation. 

Why Advertise?

Advertising is a powerful tool that can help you attract customers, inform them about your products and build customer trust. Most companies use some type of advertisement to help them promote their products or services. Understanding what advertising is and why it’s important for organizations to use it can help you develop effective ads for your company.  Our free consultation we explore the importance of advertising and offer some tips for how to create an effective advertisement for your business.


McNealy Studios services may require monthly or one-time charges outside of the selected plan. Domain & Hosting is not included in website or CRM builds.  A domain and hosting is required before we can design your website or setup your CRM.  We recommend Big Bird Digital our sister company for domains, hosting, and SSL certicates.  Receive 20% off at Big Bird Digital when you purchase your domain, SSL, hosting plans.  Must be a McNealy Studios, CO customer.

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Increase Sales, Find Brand Awareness, Achieve sales goals with Digital Advertising

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It’s a long race when it comes to building brands people love.  Your product or service must go beyond the initial honey moon period with the consumers.  How do you intend to keep market share from your competitors and improve upon your hard work.  Are you prepared to build a brand that matters to your audience of potential consumers.  How do consumers see your brand?  Ask your self how do you see other brands that you frequent each day.  Example: Chick-fil-A.

Merchant Service Solutions

We centralize card payments, inventory and your business' finances.

McNealy Studios and “Unique Payment Technologies” have partnered to provide software and hardware to help you manage the complete state of your business whenever you want, wherever you want, and from any device with Internet access.

  • Payment Processing.
  • Accounting & Promotions
  • Inventory Management

What our Clients Say about Us.


We opened our restuarant before we started marketing in West Palm Beach. Store traffic was lukewarm at best. After we hired McNealy Studios Co., we experienced a considerable amount of indoor and website traffic at our store. Great decesion to hire a professional instead of my cousin Bob. No disrepect to Bob, but we our glad we made the decision for our business.
Mark Striker
Restaurant Owner
your brand matters

Digital marketing
Starts now.

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