Why your advertising may not work?

ROI is the key measure of success for any successful marketing campaign.  It may sound cliche, but if you take a honest look at your campaign (if not successful) you might find a combination of factors as to why.  You can blame it on the creative team or plain disinterest.

In short we look at such things as the culprit of having an unsuccessful marketing campaign. No matter how small or large the business one thing they all have in common is the customer (consumer).  Purchasing decisions hinge upon customer behavior.  Ask yourself as if it were you. Some customers make decisions based on word of mouth or something as simple as outside seating.  The moral of the story is that if your advertising is not working then you must seriously look within your organization.  What are customers saying about your business? Is there anything about my business I could change to accommodate customer buying habits and behaviors?


One common example:  Does my signage work? Most owners respond with all our customers know where we are!  In this scenario it’s understandable your business has a healthy existing client base.  What about customers who are unsure about your business.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to existing customers to ask questions about your business.  You never know how much feedback can help. The one thing that keeps your business running are the very customers who pass through your front door.